Cloudberry Farms is the culmination of a lifelong dream: a small, organic family farm where humans, animals, and nature thrive through the use of traditional farming methods which protect and restore the land and make it healthy.

We are located just outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan, with heirloom chickens, guinea fowl, bees, a herd of goats, draft horses, and an infamous livestock guard dog.


Currently, we sell eggs at Argus Farm Stop (2 Ann Arbor locations) and Washtenaw Organic Collaborative.

Our eggs come from a flock of nearly 150 chickens from over 35 different heirloom breeds. Cloudberry chickens are raised without pesticides or chemicals, and only consume certified organic feed. Because they are all different, our chickens lay eggs that vary dramatically in size, shape and color — but they’re all delicious!


Our matriarch, a born and bred Midwesterner, is the granddaughter of farmers on all sides, and had yearned to return to her farming roots all her life. In 2016, we found a piece of land which was once farmed, but had been sitting untouched for more than 50 years. Since then, we've signed an agreement with Ann Arbor Township and the City to preserve and conserve the land in perpetuity as part of the Greenbelt Program, which has protected over 5,000 acres of farmland surrounding the city.

As part of our conservation easement, we remove invasive species, plant native wildflowers, and manage critically important habitats including streams which are part of the Huron River watershed.